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Dress Code

Dress Code Notice


A.C.E. Academy has adopted a dress code policy. Parents are responsible for dress code purchases and maintenance. The policy is listed below for your convenience. Information regarding ordering instructions and prices will be provided if your child is accepted after the lottery.

A.C.E. Academy Charter School’s goal is to provide a safe learning environment where all students are able to achieve at their highest potential. The personal appearance of every student is an important component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning and respect for one another. Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance that are compatible with an effective learning environment.

All students are expected to adhere to common practices of modesty, cleanliness and neatness; to dress in a respectful manner within the acceptable standards of the community and in such a manner as to contribute to the academic atmosphere, not detract from it. Students who fail to comply with this dress code may be sent home and may be subject to disciplinary actions.

Administrators and teachers are charged with the responsibility of enforcing student dress code in their classes as well as on campus. Teachers shall follow building procedure for discipline referral regarding dress code violations. Adhering to the following student dress code is the responsibility of the parent and student.

Dress Code Includes:

  • Navy Blue, Red or White collared shirt with no markings, logos or emblems;
  • Shirt must be completely tucked in at all times.
  • Students may wear undershirts in dress code colors (including turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks) under their collared shirt. Undershirts must not have any visible writing or artwork. Undershirts may only be visible in the neck region with the exception of long sleeves.
  • Official A.C.E. logos are permitted on tops. Manufacturer’s brand/slogan/logo or any nonschool logos are not allowed on shirts. Students are permitted to wear A.C.E. T-shirts and A.C.E. sports jerseys at designated times as determined by the principal.
  • Tee shirts or henley type shirts may not be worn over collared shirts.
  • Jackets/coats/windbreakers, (preferably one of the school colors) can be worn inside the school building. Hoods are not permitted inside the classroom or school building.
  • Dress code colored sweatshirts without any logos may be worn. They do not have to be tucked.
  • Sweatshirts must be worn over a collared shirt where the collar is visible.
  • Sweatshirts with pockets, snaps, or zippers are not permitted.
  • Undecorated navy blue, khaki or grey pants with belt loops
    o Pants must fit appropriately and not sag.
    o No distressed fabric—no holes, tears, bleach spots, logos, etc.
    o No Cargo or Capri pants.
    o OR
    o All shorts, skirts, and jumpers should be worn no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee. The slit of a skirt may not be any higher than 3 inches from the top of the knee.
  • Socks must be a solid color and matching pair. If girls wish to wear stockings, the stockings must match the skirt color or be nude in color. No fish net stockings, stockings with holes, or stockings with visible seams allowed.
  • Headgear such as caps, hats, sweat bands, do-rags, stocking caps, scarves, bandanas, sunglasses or other head covering may not be worn in school. These items must be stored with students’ personal belongings during the school day.
  • Belt: undecorated brown or black (no studs, jewelry, embroidery, etc.)
  • Shoes: Regular closed toe or tennis shoes.
    o No large or ornate belt buckles
    o No inappropriate logos on buckle or belt.
    o No flip flops, slippers, bedroom type shoes, beach shoes, or shoes with spiked heels
    o Heels higher than 2” are not permitted.
  • The standard code of dress may be amended throughout the year as deemed necessary and appropriate by the school’s administration.

    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, jewelry, book bags, or other articles of personal appearance which:
  • Depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, sex, violence, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, death, gang or hate slogans, pictures or violence
  • May create a threat to the health or safety of the student or others
  • May create a significant risk of disruption to the educational process or to the operation of the school
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts with holes or tears above the knee or shorter than mid-thigh
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts worn below the waist ("sagging" garments are not acceptable)
  • Pajamas, underwear as outerwear, exposed underwear (appropriate undergarments will be worn at all times)
  • Trench coats or dusters
  • Provocative clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal underwear, cleavage, or bare skin between the midriff or cleavage and mid-thigh; or see through shirts (e.g., thin or mesh)
  • Spaghetti straps, tank tops, basketball jersey (unless worn over an appropriate garment, such as an acceptable tee shirt)
  • Oversize, or overlong baggy pants (pants with pant legs that totally cover or hide the shoes are inappropriate)
  • Oversize or overlong baggy shirt (tall tees)
  • Leggings without appropriate clothing (must be at least fingertip length)
  • Chains on clothing or wallets, or as necklaces
  • Any inappropriately worn or mode of clothing that is disruptive (tops or pants that are too
  • Bare feet, bedroom slippers or flip flops
  • Sunglasses, hats, caps, hoods, sweat bands and bandannas or other head wear worn inside tight or baggy) school building
  • Grooming
    • Non-natural colored hair (green, blue, purple, orange, cherry-red, etc.)
    • Hats, caps, sunglasses
    • Hairstyles that are distracting, disruptive or unsafe (head and facial)
    • Bandanas, hairnets, skull caps
    • Body piercing jewelry (other than jewelry in the ears)
    • Jewelry – swastika’s, pentagram, spoons, drug related items
    • Heavy or spiked jewelry (e.g., dog collars, heavy chains)
    • Body paint
    • Tattoos with provocative, profane or offensive pictures or writing

If a student 's dress or appearance violates this dress code, the principal or principal's designee may require the student to change his or her dress or appearance. A second or repeated violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action. The principal may make reasonable accommodations to the policy based upon a student's religious beliefs or medical conditions.
This policy shall apply to all students in all school buildings during the regular school day, on field trips,
on school grounds, on all school buses, other school vehicles and when students represent the school. This
policy shall also apply to all students at all times. This policy does not apply to school sanctioned dress
code and costumes approved by the principal for athletic, choral or dramatic performances.
I represent that I am at least 18 years of age, have read and understand the statement regarding A.C.E.
Academy’s dress code, and am competent to execute this agreement.