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Exceptional Children's Teacher

Exceptional Children's Teacher
The Exceptional Children's Teacher's main role is to facilitate the learning of every student by creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which every child is expected to reach their own academic potential.

A.C.E. Academy is looking for a candidate with the qualifications that include but are not limited to the following:
- Dedicated to the vision of the organization, with an understanding of the history and culture.
- Capable of instructing students in a supportive manner that addresses multiple learning styles.
- Strong classroom management skills.
- Ability to work cooperatively with supervisors, colleagues, parents, and students.
• Health
• Dental
• Life Insurance
• Vision
• 403b
• Competitive Pay
• Paid Holidays
• Paid Vacation
• Paid Training
Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm

- Responsible for the development of Individual Education Programs (IEP) for students with disabilities; implements the IEP; and uses diagnostic information obtained from tests and other assessment procedures to update IEPs as needed.
- Provides direct special education instruction to identified students.
- Employs a variety of teaching methods to meet student needs. Implementation of these methods may require the adaptation or development of materials. - -
- Monitors student behavior; maintains discipline in the classroom; deescalates inappropriate behaviors; teaches students appropriate behavioral strategies; restrains students when necessary; records and reports restrains.
- Assists disabled students with their personal and self-help needs, and other essential tasks that the students are not able to perform by themselves
- Conceive and implement lesson plans that follow the thematic units and scope and sequence of the charter school.
- Collaborate with co-teacher on daily lesson plans, teaching strategies, and
student performance.
- Collaborate with Arts Facilitator to incorporate Fine Arts into daily lesson plans.
- Demonstrate flexibility in teaching methods to address multiple learning styles and intelligence.
- Adjust pace and provide individual attention for students based on student assessments.
- Create opportunities for experiential learning.
- Utilize technology programs to enhance comprehension of technology, basic academic skills, and problem solving.
- Perform student assessments at the beginning and end of each school year.
- Analyze student assessments and work collaboratively with co-teacher, parents, and students to improve problematic areas.
- Document student performance, lesson plans, activities, and parent interactions.
- Willing to participate in extracurricular activities if necessary.
- Participate in home visits, family dinners, parental training, and parent conferences.
- Organize/decorate classroom in a welcoming manner that is conducive to learning, comfort, and group interaction.
- Participate in the selection of books, equipment, materials, and professional development opportunities.
- Strengthen job skills through professional development opportunities and participate in professional learning community with other teachers and staff at school.
- Follow and abide by state, federal, and charter regulations.
- Ability to perform essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations.
- Perform other duties as assigned.
Start Date
Contact Gwen Abdullah
Phone: (704)456-7153
Fax: (704)626-2655
7807 Caldwell Rd. , Harrisburg, NC 28075