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COVID 19 School Closure Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) During the 2019-2020 School Closure

Updated 4/27/2020


A.C.E. Academy teachers and leaders have implemented a Learning Continuity Plan that includes Remote Learning or Distance Learning to ensure scholars can continue learning from home during the duration of the school closure. We have provided instruction through various methods which include workbooks, handouts, worksheets and technology.


We have received many questions during the COVID 19 Pandemic. We have answered your questions and addressed your concerns individually but we wanted to combine all the information for you to be able to review and utilize as a reference. 


We appreciate all of your questions and we encourage you to submit new questions. Please email Laila Minott at l.minott@aceacademycharter.org with any of your questions or comments. This is an ongoing document and will be updated as new information is made available. 



1. How long is the closure and when will my child be able to return to school?

North Carolina's public schools will remain closed through the school 2019-2020 year, for in person instruction, effective April 24, 2020 per Governor Roy Cooper, https://www.ednc.org/nc-schools-closed-for-rest-of-school-year/. Scholars will continue to receive work from their teachers until the end of the school year which is June 5, 2020. Teachers will continue with ZOOM with scholars and provide lessons.  


Will my child receive final grades for this school year?

Kindergarten -5th Grade

  • Grades K 5 students will not receive a final grade.
  • Teachers will provide year end written feedback for students/families based on their learning this school year.
  • Academic and social/emotional feedback will be used to help transition students into the new school year.


Middle School Students Grades 6 8

  • Grades 6 8 students will receive a final course grade of PC19 (Pass) or WC19 (Withdraw)
  • Teachers will provide year end written feedback for students based on their learning this school year.
  • Academic and social/emotional feedback will be used to help transition students into the 2020 2021 school year.
  • WC19 does not mean the student failed the course and does not imply grade retention for middle school students. WC19 means there is a lack of evidence the student mastered the course standards.


A.C.E. Academy scholars will return to school for the 2020-2021 school year August 17, 2020. Additionally, A.C.E. Academy is developing a Distance Learning Plan that will allow identified students who are not in school the opportunity to learn and work from home. Please refer to question 15 for more details. 


2. Does my child have to still take EOG’s?

No. All state standardized tests have been waived during the 2019-2020 school year. View the video message sharing updates on actions taken by NCDPI and the State Board of Education for year-end assessments for the 2019-20 school year.


3. I did not receive the learning information provided by the teacher?

If you have not received a learning packet or have not received materials electronically from your scholar’s teacher, please contact our main office 704-456-7153 or Dawn Hammond, Coordinator of Student & Family Services at d.hammond@aceacademycharter.org.


4. Will you have summer camp?

Currently, A.C.E. Academy has not made a decision if we will have summer camp. We are waiting for guidance from NCDPI to determine if we can have summer camp. However, A.C.E. Academy will continue our summer learning packets which we provide annually and will offer additional opportunities for distance learning through the summer. 


5. When will school start for next school year and will be in school longer?

A.C.E. Academy current calendar has school starting Aug. 24, 2020 and ending June 4, 2020. A.C.E. Academy leaders are exploring creative ways to implement additional instructional hours for next school year. We are considering adding additional days and or time (15-45 minutes a day). We are in the process of updating our calendar but we have confirmed that school will start Aug. 17, 2020.  The new calendar will be available May 4, 2020 and will be emailed to parents and updated on our website. 


6. Will my child be promoted and be able to go to the next grade?

There are  rumors circulating online that all NC students  will repeat their current grade next year.  The rumor is not true.  A.C.E. Academy academic leaders may retain an individual student, if the student did not meet determined requirements for promotion prior to the executive order to close schools and those discussions begun with families before the end of the first semester.  No student will be retained based on the time they spent in distance learning. There has not been any statewide direction altering promotion and retention policies at this time; NCDPI has advised schools to continue to follow best practices to ensure student success.


7. My child is not able to complete the daily work assigned? Will they get in trouble?

A child will not be penalized for not completing assignments. We recognize that parents are facilitating lessons and are not teachers by trade. We appreciate all the support parents, grandparents and siblings are doing to support learning at home.  Remote learning is strongly encouraged to support continued student growth and well-being during school closure. Please do not stress or worry about any losses your child may have while they are out of school. A.C.E. Academy will incorporate creative and engaging remediation opportunities for students once we return to school. 


8. My child has completed the work assigned by the teacher, what should I do? A.C.E. Academy teachers are providing work daily. Students that complete assignments should either do the next assignment or contact their teacher for additional work. Teachers are modifying lessons to meet student academic levels. If you do not have your child’s teacher’s email address please contact us at 704-456-7153 so we can assist you.


9. My child cries about not being able to go to school and misses her friends? How can I help her?

Although children are resilient, they are affected by sudden changes and react differently to change. It is expected for your child to show emotion during this time. Children may become emotional, express anger, become more needy, sleep more, become reclusive, and/or have nightmares. During this time allow children to express their emotions in any way that is suitable for their age. Some children may write in a journal, or draw a picture, want to talk to friends, or want to spend more time with family. Reassure children that their feelings are valid and it is ok to be scared but assure them that you are a family, and you will get through this together. Children will feed off parent and family emotions so if you express a positive outlook, they are likely to follow. The following link may be helpful as you navigate this with your child. https://www.childtrends.org/publications/resources-for-supporting-childrens-emotional-well-being-during-the-covid-19-pandemic


10. I lost my job and need assistance in feeding my children. Can the school help? A.C.E. Academy has been working with several local churches and food banks to help families in need. If your family is in need please contact Dawn Hammond at d.hammond@aceacademycharter.org. Additionally, our weekly beakly lists several schools where children can get meals for free. 


11. My child has become reclusive and wants to sleep more than ever. I am worried?

Please refer to response 9 to find resources to support your child.


12. My child refuses to do the school work assigned?

Our goal is to ensure students are engaged academically. Some students are self-driven and others need more guidance and direction. A.C.E. Academy recognizes enforcing work may be a challenge and many parents are still working and do not have the time or resources to ensure their student work is completed. While we encourage you and will support you in any way possible to continue learning opportunities remotely, we know some families will have difficulty achieving this task. We do not want families feeling the pressure or anxiety for not being able to assist their child work. If you have challenges feel free to contact us directly at 704-456-7153 or when we return to school, we will customize a learning plan to support your child’s learning loss. View the video message discussing why it's important for students to complete school work assigned by teachers


13. My child wants to play video games all day. Is this too much screen time considering he is doing work on the computer too?

Children suggested screen time varies with age. Children can use screen time for fun, entertainment and educational purposes. Each family screen time will vary and we suggest parents and families monitor time for each child. We suggest children minimize screen time related to daily news and violence which can affect a child’s social and emotional behavior. Feel free to learn more about screen time for your child here. https://health.usnews.com/wellness/for-parents/articles/screen-time-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic-how-much-is-too-much


14. Will my child have to wear a mask when they return?

Currently, it has not been suggested that students wear masks upon returning to school. We will follow the recommendations from the CDC and NCDPI regarding masks in school. 


15. What if I am not comfortable with my child returning to school, can they continue to work from home? 

A.C.E. Academy is developing a Distance Learning Plan that will allow identified students who are not in school the opportunity to learn and work from home. 


A.C.E. Academy will ensure that Digital Learning consist of the following:

  • maintains consistent communication between instructional staff, parents and students; 
  • addresses the curricular and instructional needs associated with appropriate standards; 
  • includes evidence of student learning; and, 
  • considers the whole child as well as the home learning environment
  • modified for students that have IEP or 504 plans

Details with more information including how to participate in the distance learning plan will be provided at a later time.   


16. What is A.C.E. Academy going to do to ensure my student learns what they may have missed while they were home?

Please refer to response #7


17. What is the school doing to minimize the spread of germs upon returning to school?

A.C.E. Academy’s school building, buses, lockers, classrooms, offices, halls and playground were cleaned by an environmental cleaner once we learned about the spread of COVID 19 in March 2020. Since then we have minimized who can visit the building and all parent communication or distribution has been done outside of the school in the back parking lot. Our maintenance staff have continued to ensure the building is clean. Upon our return to school, we will have the environmental specialist clean the school again and will continue with this method weekly. Additionally, the maintenance team will work additional hours daily to ensure the spread of germs is minimal.


18. Can I keep the device my child is working with upon the start of school to use at home for school work?

A.C.E. Academy has distributed devices for students that need it during the school closure. We would appreciate it if all devices and chargers are returned upon our return. The devices are property of A.C.E. Academy and will be utilized as part of instruction upon the return to school. 


19. Is my child being graded for his work?

A.C.E. Academy is not formally grading student work during the closure but teachers are monitoring progress and providing students with feedback on lessons. Teachers are tracking mastery of standards, maintaining records and data tracking students work in individual portfolios that will be used to evaluate students' content knowledge. The portfolios will be utilized to create remediation learning plans for students based on learning loss and gains. Students will be allowed to redo their work to ensure mastery of the learning target(s). 


Grades or attendance will not be counted in Power School during the closure. 


View this video message discussing how grading will shift emphasis for the remainder of the year to supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students and their families.


Please refer to question 1 for final grades.


20. Will there be a graduation ceremony this school year?

A.C.E. Academy leaders are working on a plan to ensure everyone is safe and students can experience a digital graduation ceremony. More information will be made available soon. 


21. Will I be refunded my money for the field trip I paid for?

Yes, A.C.E. Academy will ensure all funds are returned for field trips. Please contact Shannon Martin at s.martin@aceacademycharter.org to complete a refund request form. Meal money will remain in the student account and can be allocated toward next school year.


22. What resources are available to help my child learn?

NCDPI has created a website for parents and families to receive updates and learn about available educational resources. Feel free to visit the website here https://www.dpi.nc.gov/news/covid-19-response-resources. Additionally, teachers are a great resource, feel free to contact your child’s teacher for additional educational sites and activities your child can do. View this video message sharing guidance on where to find online resources to help teachers and parents provide instruction to students.


23. What do I do if I don’t have a computer at home for my child? What do I do if I can’t access the internet?

A.C.E. Academy has distributed devices to any student who is in need. If you need a device please contact Dawn Hammond at d.hammond@aceacademycharter.org. If you are having trouble with your internet or need internet services please refer to the weekly beakly which lists companies offering free internet services. 


24. My child has an IEP. What supports are being put into place for them?

A.C.E. Academy’s Exceptional Children’s Department teachers are providing modified instruction and supporting teachers to ensure student work is customized based on their individual IEP’s. Additionally, any related services are being offered remotely to students. If you have not been in contact with your child’s EC teacher, please contact Dawn Hammond at d.hammond@aceacademycharter.org or call our main line 704-456-7153. View this video message sharing guidance on how schools, districts and the state will support parents with children who have Individualized Learning Plans (IEP).


A.C.E. Academy is committed to the safety and well-being of our scholars, staff, and community. We will continue to keep families updated with our plans and action steps and appreciate your support as we work together to ensure the health and safety of our A.C.E. family. Thank you for your commitment to A.C.E. Academy, support for our teachers and assistance in home learning assignments and lessons.


We are in this together!


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