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Educational Philosophy

A.C.E. Academy Philosophy


A.C.E. Academy philosophy is that each child is a unique individual who needs a safe, secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is our desire to help scholars meet their fullest potential by not placing limits on them through an environment that is implements a comprehensive curriculum, supports risk-taking, invites a sharing of ideas and give students the opportunity to create their own future. By integrating entrepreneurial skills through project-based learning into the traditional standardized state requirements our students will develop critical and creative thinking skills as early as kindergarten. These skills quickly build students’ self-esteem with a culture of academic excellence. At A.C.E. Academy, you can expect to find a community hub for learning that fosters self-discovery where students generate ideas and set goals, have ownership in the curriculum, motivated to work hard and master the skills necessary to reach their goals. A.C.E. Academy encourages scholars to develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment by fostering an open sharing of ideas and a judicious approach to discipline. Through our creative teachers and administrators who are passionate about education, scholars brilliant minds are cultivated as their launching pad that catapults them to reach past what they see and reach for what they can imagine.         


A.C.E. Academy Mission

A.C.E. Academy will equip students from all backgrounds to succeed in the college and career of their choice by driving academic excellence, developing strong character, and instilling  an entrepreneurial mindset.


At A.C.E. Academy, we believe that all children can learn and that most children are developmentally hampered by the limits placed on them through others. At A.C.E., our job is to erase those limits and instill within our students the skills necessary to succeed.

An A.C.E. Academy education builds self-confidence and self-motivation—skills that are necessary for life success. Our entrepreneurial emphasis provides a great medium to connect the traditional core subjects to everyday life by providing our students with hands-on activities and projects that build the foundation for:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal finance
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Creative Expression
  • Marketing and sales
  • The value of community
  • Collaboration
  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Negotiation

We believe that children who learn to plan for success are better equipped to rise above challenges, peer pressure, and bad choices.

Educational Goals

In order to fulfill our mission statement, we at A.C.E. Academy have developed the following goals to guide our instruction and evaluate our effectiveness.

Academic Goals:
  • We want to foster a school culture that maximizes our students’ individual growth and the growth of our community.
  • We want all our students to demonstrate proficiency in their core subjects.
  • We want our students to find learning at A.C.E. engaging and relevant so that they will complete school with success and continue on the path of lifelong learning.

Character Education Goals:
  • We want our students to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills so that they will be highly equipped to lead in life challenges.
  • We want our students to understand the consequences (both good and bad) of their decisions so they can confidently determine their own futures.
  • We want our students to understand their decisions effect others and understand the value of community and teamwork.

Entrepreneurship Goals:
  • We want our students to be financially literate.
  • We want our students to build leadership skills and self-confidence.
  • We want our students to explore future career paths and understand business operations.

Instructional Strategies

At A.C.E. we understand that all children learn differently, and we are committed to providing instruction that will maximize our students’ potential. More information about the instructional strategies we employ in the classroom is available at the right side of this page.