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A.C.E. Academy Mission

A.C.E. Academy will equip students from all backgrounds to succeed in the college and career of their choice by driving academic excellence, developing strong character, and instilling  an entrepreneurial mindset.


There are many reasons to choose A.C.E. Academy for your child’s education, but the most important one is your child. At A.C.E., we are dedicated to preparing students for success by providing an alternative philosophy to traditional education. We build practical, hands-on learning experiences into the curriculum by introducing entrepreneurial, collaborative, and financial concepts as early as kindergarten. Our model is making a difference in student education; our students leave A.C.E. not only prepared for high school, but as leaders!

Our Purpose

At A.C.E. Academy, we believe that all children can learn and that most children are developmentally hampered by the limits placed on them through others. At A.C.E., our job is to erase those limits and instill within our students the skills necessary to succeed.

Our teachers integrate entrepreneurial and business concepts into the traditional core subjects through differentiated, guided instruction; collaborative, project-based learning; and thematic instruction. The entrepreneurial backdrop gives our students practical context
  • critical thinking
  • leadership
  • creativity
  • problem-solving
  • decision-making
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • personal and social responsibility

Before & After School Program

A.C.E. Academy is also a hub for bringing together parents, students, and community leaders to enhance opportunities for our students to excel. We believe the skills that enable businesses to succeed are the same skills that enable people to succeed.

The A.C.E. Difference

Our school culture reflects the heart of our vision to remove the limits from our students and encourage them to succeed in ways they never thought possible. At A.C.E., our students identify themselves as capable leaders who know how to reach their goals.

Our low student-teacher ratios benefit our students by enabling them to interact with teachers more frequently and master content more quickly. While our unique entrepreneurial curriculum gives kids the context to understand new material, our project-based learning modules help them retain the information they’ve learned and prove their mastery on standardized testing.

We encourage you to consider how an education at A.C.E. could make a difference to your child. Browse through our website to learn about who we are and then apply today!