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The A.C.E. Academy Charter School’s governing board consists of five community members who work together to guarantee that the students in our school are receiving the best education possible. The board meets regularly to make decisions regarding school policies, state compliance, budget allocations, and educational goals.

We would like to extend a welcome to the public to attend our regular board meetings. During these meetings, we will gladly open the floor to hear from concerned community members and/or student families. If you are interested in joining us, you can find our current meeting agenda at the right side of this page.

Meet Our Board Members

Our governing board is comprised of five volunteer members who give of their time and expertise to ensure that A.C.E. Academy is successful in fulfilling its mission with students, families, and community partners. Our members possess professional experience in business, finance, accounting, banking, community, education, law, and leadership.

Gwen Abdullah
Board Chair 
Adolphe Thorpe
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Board Member
Dionne Banks Graham

Kendric Best
Board Member
Chyncia Rodgers
Board Member
Laila Minott
Executive Director, Founding Board Member, Non-Voting Board Member
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Anyone interested in serving on A.C.E. Academy's board must submit the board member questionnaire document.