A.C.E. Academy

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A.C.E. Academy is proud to create an educational environment that enables kids to become creative, self-directed, lifelong learners. While our curriculum aligns with Common Core North Carolina State Standards, our approach is project-based and student-centered. This approach empowers students to connect instruction to real-to-life experiences and links subject matter into themes to enhance retention.

At A.C.E., we believe that character education and entrepreneurship crosses all business and life boundaries. Therefore, we have woven both into every student activity—from classroom instruction and projects to our civic and cultural programs. Our educators reinforce the real-world importance of character education and entrepreneurship (which includes financial literacy, leadership, and problem solving) through mentor-ship and project-based learning. We set high expectations for our children, and we help them achieve those expectations, because we know, with the right tools, every child can succeed!

A.C.E. Academy Mission

A.C.E. Academy will equip students from all backgrounds to succeed in the college and career of their choice by driving academic excellence, developing strong character, and instilling  an entrepreneurial mindset.