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Lower School Overview

A.C.E. Academy’s lower school will consist of Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students.
We will maintain a smaller student teacher ratio which will range from  teacher-student ratio of 18-22 to 1 during Math and ELA learning blocks. Through the incorporation of para professionals and tutors, A.C.E. Academy teachers can identify students' individual differences and set challenging but achievable goals for each student.

Electives for Lower School

Technology (STEAM)

Foreign Language (Spanish / Mandarin)

Physical Education



Our lower school program sets the tone for our school and builds the foundation for all other learning in our students’ school careers.

Reading/Language Arts

The primary goal of our reading program is to help students understand what they read, effectively convey what they mean, and apply these skills across the curriculum. Reading instruction focuses on the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Building this basic understanding of the mechanics and structure of the English language improves student communication abilities in all formats.


The A.C.E. Academy curriculum focuses on student accuracy and mastery of basic operations. As students grow, our teachers use word problems to promote analytical thinking and help students develop the ability to apply their knowledge in practical problem solving situations.


Science is a process, a way of thinking about and investigating the world in which we live. At A.C.E., students build their knowledge of living things, life cycles, and how living things interact with each other and their environment.


A.C.E. Academy recognizes and embraces the important role technology plays in preparing children for the opportunities of tomorrow. We weave technology into all areas of our curriculum, teaching our students its value in research, tracking, and presentations.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum uses a sequential approach to unify history and the social sciences. Students gain an understanding of the major factors that have influenced the structures of our society. Teachers seek to educate students to become effective and contributing members of their community, to increase their understanding of the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship, and to instill a feeling of patriotism and national identity.


The primary goal of our art program is to provide every student an opportunity to develop and explore his or her creative potential. Teachers encourage skill development and artistic adventure as they guide students to create and express themselves in both realistic and abstract models.


Our music program includes both vocal and instrumental music. We deliberately expose our students to music representing various cultures, genres, styles, and artists with an emphasis on the historic significance of each.

Health & Physical Education

The primary goal of our health and physical education program is to encourage healthy lifestyles and provide for the physical development of fine and gross motor skills. We also use physical education to teach students the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Foreign Language

A.C.E. Academy offers Mandarin Chinese and Spanish foreign language instruction. Students will have an opportunity to enroll in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese during K-8th grade to ensure they have the opportunity to learn how to speak, read, and write in another language.