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Food Services

Welcome to Food Services!
Good nutrition is a key component of student success. Studies show that children who have nutritionally balanced lives are more alert, do better in school, and are more resilient in the face of illness.

A.C.E. Academy provides meal services at the Flying By Cafe. Breakfast and lunch is available for A.C.E. students and staff at fair prices. We balance our hot meal options with healthy entrées, fresh fruit and veggie choices, and healthy drink choices. Menu prices are $2.25 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch (breakfast is $.30 and lunch is $0.40 for students eligible for reduced price meals).
A.C.E. Academy offers a number of features for parents/guardians that support the Flying By Cafe, home of our Food Services Program.
1. Monitor meal purchases
2. Track meals for the past 30 days
3. Make deposits directly into meal accounts
4. Email reminder when account balance gets low
5. Detailed menus that include specific ingredients, nutritional facts and allergen information
Eating Breakfast or Lunch at A.C.E.
Eating at the Flying By Cafe (home of A.C.E. Academy's Food Service Program) requires:
A.C.E. Academy provides a Food Service Program and is able to serve breakfast and lunch to all students. The Food Service application must be completed annually for every student at A.C.E. Academy. Even if your child does not plan to eat school breakfast and lunch, we ask that you still complete this form. By collecting this form, it allows the Food Service Program to provide services that impact every student of A.C.E. Academy (regardless of household size or income). Please complete one form per family/household. 
Meal Payment Options
Food Services will accept payment for meals by cash, personal check (make payable to A.C.E. Academy), money order, cashier’s check or credit/debit card (credit/debit card is also available online). Parents are encouraged to pay for student meals in advance to help keep lunch lines moving as quickly as possible and ensure students the maximum amount of time to enjoy their meal. Money can be placed in the student’s account at any time online (at www.k12paymentcenter.com) or in our main office. 
Meal Prices
Breakfast: $2.25 ($0.30 for students eligible for reduced price)
Lunch: $3.50 ($0.40 for students eligible for reduced price)